Double Doors

Double front doors are entry doors with two door slabs. The double entry allows you to create a wider entrance when needed. Depending on the door you purchase one door can remain fixed or locked so that only the main active door opens and closes just like a single door, the difference being that you can always choose to operate both doors.

French doors are a style of double door, also known as French windows. Originally, French doors were constructed as large windows composed of multiple individual panes of glass. The large windows opened and allowed for lots of ventilation and unobstructed views. While French doors were originally single doors, the French doors we're familiar with today typically come in pairs.

Prehung Features

  • 4 9/16″ or 6 9/16″ composite jamb and 2″ composite brick mould can be stained or painted
  • Ball bearing hinges provide lasting smooth operation; Available in oil rubbed bronze (ORB) and satin nickel
  • Adjustable sill with composite substrate. Available in oil rubbed bronze (ORB)
    and mill finish
  • Double bore on active panel is standard. Single or double bore on the inactive panel is optional
  • MaxGreen and American-Classic Mahogany doors come unfinished from the manufacturer. Finished colors show in this literature are for illustration purpose only
  • IronMax-Classic doors come primed black and ready to paint. They may be used as they are top painted a color of your choice with a premium quality 100% acrylic latex exterior grade paint

Replacing your Front Door with One of Our Most Innovative Doors on the Market!

MaxGreen Wood-Fiberglass Hybrid

Featuring mahogany veneer permanently bonded to the interior of a fiberglass door our patented MaxGreen mahogany-fiberglass hybrid doors offer you a dream entry door with all the beauty of natural mahogany but not the problems of traditional mahogany doors such as warping, bowing and rotting.

American-Classic Fiberglass

Our direct glazed American-Classic fiberglass doors are designed to stand up to harsh climate and extreme exposures with minimum maintenance.

IronMax-Classic Fiberglass

Our black smooth fiberglass IronMax-Classic doors offer you a superb entry door that provides the luxury of wrought iron doors with the high performance of fiberglass doors. Mahogany interior is optional.


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